When will Social Media, Internet Services Resume in Pakistan


The government has suspended social media and internet services across all Pakistan. Also calling in Rangers in two states: Punjab & KPK. All inconveniences due to protests against the arrest of formal prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

According to PTA, mobile services have been blocked officially, across the majority of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi‘s neighborhoods.  The internet services have also been suspended in major cities.

Why Social Media ban in Pakistan?

On the suggestion of the Ministry of Interior, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp throughout the nation. Social media banned in Pakistan for undefined period.

Furthermore, Rangers have been dispatched to Lahore to safeguard the safety of people and property, according to Mian Shakeel Ahmed, additional chief secretary for the Home department.

When will Internet Services Resume in Pakistan

The internet services has been restricted across Pakistan. The step is taken to avoid false information and stop the sharing of violated content. This step may lead to loss of technology strength in Pkistan

Why People Protests in Pakistan?

After Imran Khan was taken into custody, protests broke out. His backers have been demanding his release, which has resulted in conflicts with law authorities in many locations. The government is taking action to ensure law and order while the situation remains heated.

Is Imran Khan Released Now?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman, Imran Khan not released by NAB. He was arrested yesterday in the corruption case of Al-Qadir trust.

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