UK’s University Offering Scholarships Worth Around £20,000 for Pakistani Students

UK’s University Offering Scholarships Worth Around £20,000 for Pakistani Students

The UK is becoming very popular among international students due to its top-ranked universities, and attractive student culture particularly because of the number of internships, in spite of high living charges and high tuition expenses students highly consider the United Kingdom for their higher studies. It is reported that the UK university, The University of East Anglia, United Kingdom is offering scholarships worth about 20,000 for Pakistani students.

No doubt joining a study program in UK’s top-class universities is quite expensive and hard to imagine but now you can apply for better scholarships at UK top universities. There are so many colleges and universities that offer fully or partially funded scholarships. In this article, we are going to introduce you to multiple study levels and scholarships offered for pakistani students

Scholarships For Undergraduate Students In the UK

Undergraduate scholarship programs run by the UK government help international students who need financial assistance to pay for their education in the UK. These UK undergraduate scholarships are being offered in almost every field of study (medical, engineering, law, etc.).

Masters Scholarships For Pakistani Students In the UK

The most common scholarships for international students in the UK are for post-graduate programs especially, a one or two years Master’s program. Also, these master’s scholarships in the UK for Pakistani students are often fully paid but candidates are advised to properly check the scholarship details. Masters scholarships in the UK are being offered by the UK government for Pakistani students in collaboration with top UK universities. Following the given UK Masters Scholarships will not only cover your tuition fee but also accommodation and travel expenses.

Ph.D. Scholarships For Pakistani Students In the UK

A British doctorate is an excellent degree with higher career opportunities in every field of life. With these scholarships now you can fulfill your dream of getting a Ph.D. degree from the UK. These Ph.D. scholarships in the UK are mostly for Pakistani teachers and researchers. The funds provided for these Ph.D. scholarships are mostly for the full expense of studying Ph.D. in the UK.

MBBS Scholarships For Pakistani Students In the UK

Pakistani students can also consider the UK for MBBS as well .as the UK has enabled Pakistani students to avail best scholarships there. These offered MBBS scholarships in the UK will help Pakistani students to get admission to top medical institutions. Given Scholarships for medical students in UK universities can be fully or partially funded by the Government of UK. Names of the UK universities offering MBBS scholarships to Pakistani students are given below:

  • Bristol University
  • University of Leicester
  • Queen Mary University of London

Electrical Engineering Scholarships offered

international students from middle- and low-income families, who want to study engineering in the United Kingdom (UK) might think it is impossible or expensive. But now Students from Pakistan who want to study electrical engineering in the United Kingdom can apply for multi scholarships. Electrical engineering scholarships in the UK are available for the bachelor’s and master’s programs. The following universities are offering electrical engineering scholarships for Pakistani students in the UK:

  • Imperial College London
  • University of Liverpool
  • York University

Software Engineering Scholarships Offered to Pakistani Students

Software engineering program in the UK without any scholarship or funding opportunity seems really very expensive for a Pakistani student. So These scholarships can help you to pay a reasonable amount of your tuition fee and are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of the best software engineering scholarships for Pakistani students are being offered by the following UK universities:

  • University of Leicester
  • Imperial College London

UK Scholarship Intakes And Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the courses and admission requirements, UK universities have different admission intakes throughout the year. There are three UK Scholorships for pakistani students intakes:

  • Fall (September to early January)
  • Winter (January to April)
  • Summer (May to August)

You can start looking online on Daily Pakistan News for scholarships for Pakistani students in UK universities. Eligibility criteria, type of course, degree criteria, the university, and country specifications are various factors to be considered during applying for any scholarship. Numerous factors can influence the selection criteria for scholarships like the type of course, university, country specification, etc. Additionally, students can also check the eligibility criteria for UK government-funded grants and scholarships online.

How to Get These Scholarships?

Our website, daily Pakistan site can make it simple for Pakistani students to apply for the most recent UK scholarships and funding opportunities. From our website, interested Pakistani students can learn everything they need to know about the upcoming and latest UK scholarships as well as how to apply for them. In addition, you can narrow down your search by filtering the types of scholarships, countries, and even study program levels.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

The pre-defined eligibility criteria is listed below. If it’s changed in meantime, will be surely updated at Daily Pakistan News.

  • The candidates must be enrolled in full-time master’s degree programme..
  • The fee must be paid by the applicant using foreign currency exchange rates.
  • Students from Pakistan, other countries, and students from the EU may apply.
  • A School of International Development course must be taken by the applicant.
  • All other tests that UEA may have obtained, cannot be combined with the scholarship.

What is the Application Process?

  1. From the list, students must select their master’s programme.
  2. Applicants must have a master’s degree offer from the University of East Anglia.
  3. Applicants must submit a written application via the website.
  4. The applicants must articulate in writing how the course, they have applied for will assist them in achieving their professional goals. And how their experiences and interests will advance the learning of the cohort as a whole. A written declaration can only be 250 words long.

When will be Last Day to Apply?

The deadline for application submission is 31 May 2023.

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