Jazz Increases Salary, upto 62,000 for permanent Employees


Jazz, Pakistan’s top net operating company has announced an increase in the salary of their permanent employees to about Rs. 62,000. It is considered a very daring step in the middle of such ongoing economic, financial, and social crises and at a time when businesses are dropping and people are washing hands from their jobs. In a recent interview with Dawn TV’s program Mr. Amir Ibrahim, the CEO of Jazz said:

Our employees are simply like our family, just like you don’t get rid of your children in hard times, why would you get go of your employees

Jazz is definitely trying to become digital both for its internal and external customers by creating good experiences for them. No doubt they are providing equal opportunities for both male and female employees on their platform, also giving them the best job experiences like cafes, gyms, medical support, and an excellent working environment, and helping the employees in dealing with the challenges day by day.   

 Mr. Amir continued by saying that he wants to establish a comfortable environment:

To do that, I need to establish a setting where people feel safe psychologically and intellectually.

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