Here is How You Can Create Images from AI


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the processing of human intelligence by machines or computer systems. There are so many advance applications of AI that include expert systems, natural language processing, human speech recognition, images from AI and even machine vision. 

History of AI:

The history of Modern AI was traced to be started by classical philosophers’ when they attempted to describe human thinking as just a symbolic system. At that time the field wasn’t formed formally until the 1950s. Later the term came out as AI (Artificial Technology). Even though AI is very specific in its tasks still it is of 4 types,

  • Reactive machines: in AI systems these machines have no memory and the input gives the same output specifically.
  • Limited memory: it is one of the evolutions of AI.
  •  Theory of mind
  • Self-awareness

AI as a prediction machine:

If you are thinking that AI is more like a prediction machine that predicts the most likely next word can help you when you’re stuck in the speed and productivity of the technology you are right in your thoughts. Its recommendations are really as good as the sources it consults, which is mostly unreliable or ineffective crop knowledge. Nevertheless, when used properly, AI can be a potent tool. For instance, take example of GPT-4 which has proven very good in coming up with concepts and rough draughts; however, we should only use it as a starting point and not for the entire production. When everyone else is using AI and producing scripts that are pre-written one need to embrace his own personality and unpredictable nature and take the opposite path your cover letters, papers, and presentations should reflect your humanity.  After all, you’ll stand out as a result. 

Examples of AI:

The era in which we are living is well known for artificial intelligence. All the technology today we are using is directly connected with AI. Even if you want to see the use of AI in your surrounding here is a list of examples of AI;

  • Google Maps and Ride-Hailing apps
  • Face detection and recognition apps
  • Text Editors and Autocorrect
  • Chat-bots
  • E-Payments
  •  Digital Assistant
  • Search and recommendations.

Images from AI:

AI images are now brewing a storm on social media as the AI image generators are in excessive use today and are not possible to miss. All the tools to generate images from AI are easily available even though there are a number of apps launched for creating such images. If you want to add different features to your pictures, business logos, and fun crafts it is one of the best options for you.

Negative impacts of AI:

Being advanced only is not enough it is bounding human activities to some limits. Like all AI, GPT-4 is bound to the digital realm and exists in a cage of 0s and 1s. Today, there are sadly lots of human activities. Our analog, one-on-one relationships with others, however, are the one thing AI cannot disrupt, thus it is crucial to take the time to safeguard them. In his summary of the study, Harvard professor Arthur C. Brooks stated that technology that prevents us from interacting with people in real life will have a negative impact on our well-being and, consequently, our meticulously planned lives. As you know AI can only join dots from past knowledge and previous information so it really can’t replace the content which comes after live experience and by human calculations as it cannot do this so.

What needs to be done for these outcomes of AI?

Since we’ve lived without pre-pandemic lifestyle habits like going out to eat with coworkers, attending conferences, and striking up a conversation with a stranger for so long, they might seem less stressful now. They do, however, offer a chance to create connections and obtain knowledge that AI cannot, and as such, they represent a particular competitive advantage that we still possess. So we need to balance the use of AI which cannot be denied on different terms and levels.


Now it is the time for people like you and me to learn how to use AI for achieving the benefits of today’s advanced artificial technology. Since the use of Chat-GPT and its successor GPT-4 is raising by each day one needs to learn this AI usage and implementations.

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