Google Announces App Growth Lab Program for Pakistani App Developers


The Google started a four-month program called the first-ever Google App Growth Lab in Pakistan. The program has been started with the goal of identifying high-potential app developers, studios, and businesses that are wanting to expand and accelerate their operations.

App developers will be able to learn from Google professionals in fields including Ads, AdMob, Firebase, gTech, and Play. App as well as leaders in the industry. Thanks to the program’s comprehensive teaching and assistance.

Developers will learn a lot from professionals, leaders and officials of Google. App Developers are advised to keep an eye on Daily Pakistan Site, for latest updates & news regarding app growth Lab 2023.

Following the success of the Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan last year, the app growth lab initiative was introduced. According to Google, the program demonstrates its dedication to fostering Pakistan’s app business on a local and international level. The four-month program will start in June and last until August. Interested organizations, app developers, and studios have until May 22, 2023, to submit an application. Click on the link to get more info about app growth lab Pakistan.

The four main pillars of the App Growth Lab Program Pakistan are Build, Develop, Launch, and Scale.

  • The program’s ‘Build’ component aims to assist participants in discovering the worldwide app and gaming market and understanding various levers to establish a comprehensive business strategy.
  • The ‘Develop’ component will use best-in-class technology and an approach to app and game product development that is user-centric to position the app for long-term success.
  • The ‘Launch’ component will teach participants how to create monetization models, win the launch, and make the most of Google’s data tools to achieve measurable growth.
  • The ‘Scale’ component, in contrast, will teach participants how to use market and platform diversification tactics to make your app available to a wider audience.

Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Mr. Farhan S. Qureshi, said, “Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to support Pakistani developers in their pursuit of creating great applications for the world.”

When will be the app growth lab program started?

The program will start in June and last until August.

What will be the last day to apply?

The 22nd of May, 2023 is the last date to apply for app growth lab program

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