Good News! The Cheap Petrol Scheme Renounced today

Good News! The Cheap Petrol Scheme Renounced today

Government Plans for Cheap Petrol 

There expected good news about the petrol for especially low-income citizens by charging Rs 50 less from them. The cheap petrol scheme was postponed, but now it is confirmed by Federal Government whenever it’s changed, will surely be updated on Daily Pakistan latest English newspaper. It is reported that the Federal Government is going to introduce low-cost petrol for bike owners, rickshaw drivers, and vehicles up to 800cc. According to the resources, the federal government has already requested all the information on registered bikes in every province.

The provinces are asked to arrange the information to link it to NADRA by the Excise and Taxes department of Islamabad. After analyzing the whole data, the government will start providing cheap petrol to the masses. The Baluchistan Excise and Taxation Department initially provided the data of 500,000 registered bikes in the province to the federal government. Meanwhile, Islamabad has started evaluating the data to launch the scheme.

Facts regarding Cheap Petrol:

  • In the last recent month, the subsidy of RS. 50 was approved by the Government of Pakistan for citizens with low income. In addition to this, Mr. Mussadik Masood Malik, the minister of state for petroleum, said that: the government of Pakistan would tax the wealthy an additional Rs. 100/liter for petrol.
  • According to him, the additional amount paid by the rich society will be used to provide a subsidy of Rs. 50 on the petrol for low-income groups. The news was braked the day after the low-income group was given relief by the prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.
  • He emphasized the subsidy, that PM Shahbaz had ordered the ministry to increase the support to Rs.100 and that the rich will pay Rs.100 more while the poor vehicle holder would be charged Rs.100 less. The economists have explained the process of a possible implementation of this program.

Is the Cheap Petrol Scheme Affects Loan Program for Pakistan?

Experts concluded that this scheme looks like one of the factors delaying the next loan payment for Pakistan.

Is this any concern IMF program?

It is to be noted here that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) asked the Pakistan Government for the whole plan and seems to be concerned about this plan.

Which Vehicles will get Cheap Petrol?  

This scheme is for bike owners, rickshaw drivers, and vehicles up to 800cc.

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