Baterry Draining Apps Discoverd in Your Phone


Here are some battery draining apps that drain your battery life. Even if your phone has a large battery that lasts for a day or longer, these 9 apps can effect them.  These applications drain the battery life of your phone by running operations in background mode. Your phone’s battery drains as a result of these power-consumption applications keeping it active.

8 Battery Draining Apps in your Phone

These are explained as:


Snapchat is one of the famous apps that effects your phone’s battery. The notification service will use battery life and keep your phone busy. Snapchat also uses location-based services to report the user’s current location. You may turn on or off this feature in Snapchat based on your intended use. Although the application is a camera app, it also includes chat and video story features. That is the primary reason for its high battery consumption.

Streaming application:

The apps that stream content are the most battery-intensive. It’s because they use speakers for internet, display, and audio concurrently. Some apps use notifications to alert users to new shows while they are active in the background. In both the foreground and background, these streaming apps utilize battery more than other apps.


Netflix is one of the widely-used applications. It consumes the battery of your phone. Another element causing battery depletion is the notification system used by Netflix for users.

  • You can reduce your screen time by using Netflix more on the web and less on your phone.


YouTube becomes one of the most common app enjoyed by anyone. Even most of us spend a lot of time watching videos and Shorts, it is true that these streaming apps drastically degrade battery life.

The solution is setting a time restriction on how much YouTube you could use in a day. This made possible by using the “Remind me to take a break” option of the app.


The community software or application for the most widely used social networks. It uses a lot of battery power. The Facebook consumes the most battery life on your phone even if you don’t use any of these streaming apps. Because of:

  • Organizes notifications
  • Runs a notification service
  • Syncs updates & contacts
  • Background activities

On your phone, either limit how often you may use the app or turn off all notifications. In this way, notifications won’t deplete the battery. Limit the amount of battery and background data the app uses. You’ll experience a better change and extend in battery life.


Messenger is one of the messaging programs that uses the most battery power. It operates in the background, much like Facebook. It syncs contacts and periodically enables notifications.


Today, everyone is on WhatsApp, It is the most widely used messaging app with over 1 billion users. The background-running program will drain your battery if used. But there is a solution as well.  All you can do is limit you use apps and start cleaning your app regularly.

There are ultimate benefits and demerits of technology. We just have to deficiate its dark points, by which we are more likely to enjoy the perks.

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