AI Content Detector Tool with 99% Accuracy! See Details


An impressive 99% accuracy rate for detecting AI-generated content has been achieved. In the recent research from the University of Kansas, It is claimed that an AI Content Detector Tool can detect academic content  up to 99% of accuracy.

AI-Content Detector Tools

The use of AI-content is massively increased after ChatGpt. An AI Detector tool can detect the text that is not generated by Human. There are many tools that can detect AI-text. Some of them are listed below:

  • Originality AI
  • Content at Scale AI Detector
  • AI Text Classifier
  • GPTZero
  • GLTR
  • Writer AI Content Detector
  • Copyleaks

The AI generated content is massively being used in academic publications. Researchers utilize AI algorithms for data analysis, language translation, and content creation and for writing assistance. It is also being used in proofreading, grammar checks for detailed context as well as citations and recommendation. The need of the hour is that we should have to follow best practices and ensure the accuracy and fair use of AI-generated content in education.

AI Content Detector with 99% of Accuracy

Copyleaks claimed to detect AI-generated content with up to 99% of accuracy. I can detect AI content generated in different languages.

This detector is one of the few products on the market that is intended only for academic writing. Using ChatGpt, The experimental team produced 128 articles from 64 perspectives. They used these articles as training data for the AI detector. The algorithm accurately detected specific paragraphs within the text with a 92% accuracy rate and successfully discriminated between articles produced by humans as well as those produced by AI.

AI Content Detection Tools are Perfect????

It should be emphasized that AI detectors are not perfect. There is still a risk of AI generated content detection. However, creating reliable AI detectors for academic writing is a big step toward solving the issues associated with AI content.

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